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August 05, 2014
IUF and Mondelez International welcome the settlement of the Alexandria Egypt dispute

The IUF and Mondelez International have welcomed the settlement of the dispute at Alexandria, Egypt, around the status of five executive committee members of an independent union who were suspended in July 2012.

Mondelez in Egypt has now reinstated all five executive committee members under their former conditions with no negative consequences to them and with full retroactive wages and benefits guaranteed.

Elections for the new term of the union executive committee at the plant will take place shortly. All five former union executive committee members will be entitled to stand.

This brings the long-running labour conflict in Alexandria to an end. Both local parties have committed to seek to resolve future challenges in a good-faith and constructive manner and, beyond Egypt, Mondelez International and the IUF have agreed to discuss the lessons learnt from this conflict.

March 21, 2014
Belgian Unions tell Mondelez: SOTUBI Tunisia management not welcome in our plants!

The union committee at the Mondelez biscuit factory in Herentals learned of the imminent visit of a delegation of production and technical managers from the Mondelez/SOTUBI joint venture in Tunisia. Read more >>>

February 12, 2014
Mondelez CEO gets a New Year's message- talk to the IUF


The IUF New Year postcard campaign saw over 3,500 postcards signed and sent to Mondelez CEO Irene Rosenfeld with a simple mesage for 2014- talk to the IUF. Read more >>>

January 15, 2014
Mondelez workers in Pakistan continue to fight for permanent jobs


The Cadbury (Mondelez) union, an affiliate of the Pakistan Food Workers Federation has been trying to re-negotiate their collective agreement for the past 20 months. Read more >>>

January 13, 2014
BCTGM sends strong message to Mondelez about alleged human rights violations - Talk to the IUF!


Members of the IUF North American affiliate BCTGM have provided tremendous support to the IUF campaign to hold the company to account for alleged human rights violations. Read more >>>

December 06, 2013
IUF Mondelez affiliates meet to build global organisation


Unions representing workers in Mondelez around the world came together at the Unite Centre at Eastbourne, UK on December 4-5 for a meeting convened by the IUF. Read more >>>

December 05, 2013
Rally at Mondelez in Tunisia highlights continued harassment


Workers held a rally in front of the SOTUBI-Mondelez factory in Ben Arous, just south of Tunis, on 5 December 2013.
Organised by the food workers federation, FGAT, and the regional organisation of the UGTT, the rally was in protest against the harassment and victimisation of trade unionists, which has increased in the wake of the election of a new union committee by the SOTUBI-Mondelez workforce on 27 October.

November 24, 2013
Women food workers' solidarity with struggle against disposable jobs at Mondelez Pakistan


Women members of the Pakistan Food Workers Federation organized a public show of support in Lahore on November 24 for the struggle for permanent jobs at the Mondelez Cadbury factory and have planned further public rallies by women workers. The Federation has pledged its full solidarity with the Mondelez workers and will step up its program of rolling national rallies in all big cities.

November 19, 2013
Cadbury 5 gain support in Switzerland

Cadbury five press-conf1.jpg

Members of IUF European affiliates attending the Mondelez European Works Council meeting in Zurich, joined the three dismissed union leaders in a protest outside Mondelez European headquarters, where participants made it known the Cadbury 5 had their full support in a noisy protest in the snow. Read more >>>

November 18, 2013
Screamdelez: our first year

Mondelez has just celebrated its first anniversary, but workers at the new company have little to celebrate.
Click here to download the IUF's Mondelez first anniversary leaflet! >>>

November 15, 2013
Pennsylvania political representatives challenge Mondelez to public meeting on threatened Philadelphia biscuit plant

Workers at the factory were called to a surprise meeting on November 6 and essentially told to prepare for closure, with the loss of up to 375 jobs. Pennsylvania Congressmen Brendan Boyle and Kevin Boyle have publicly called on Mondelez to meet with them together with workers and community representatives to discuss the future of the threatened Philadelphia biscuit factory. Read more >>>

November 08, 2013
Precarious work expands at Mondelez Pakistan but management refuses negotiation on status of 'outsiders'

On November 7 the union at Mondelez Pakistan's Cadbury factory combined its general body meeting with a protest outside the factory gates, where Khaista Rehman, deputy general secretary of the IUF-affiliated food workers' federation, assured the members of the federations' continuous support and readiness to organize another round of nationwide protest actions.

November 07, 2013
East European and Central Asian food and agricultural workers call for solidarity with Mondelez workers

Delegates of the IUF EECA regional meeting, held in Kyiv on November 4-5, 2013 concluded their discussion on trade union development by a symbolic action in support of the struggling Mondelez workers in Egypt, Pakistan and world-wide. The participants included union leaders and activists from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

November 06, 2013
Cookie sales up, Mondelez prepares Philadelphia workers for cookie factory closure

The same day Mondelez announced continued growth in North American biscuit sales, workers at the company's Philadelphia biscuit factory were summonsed to a surprise meeting and essentially told to prepare for closure, with the loss of up to 375 jobs. Read more >>>

November 01, 2013
Mondelez rejects US government offer to mediate disputes over allegations of human rights abuses

The US National Contact Point (NCP) for the OECD Guidelines offered its good offices in response to a submission by the IUF made in March this year. The NCP, whose assessment of the submission and its outcome is available on the government website here, found the IUF’s allegations to be, in its words, bona fide, legitimate, material and substantiated. Mondelez responded to the IUF complaint by denying that it had violated the Guidelines. At that stage in the procedure the NCP invited both parties to enter into mediation to try to find a resolution. The IUF accepted; Mondelez refused.
Read more >>>

October 28, 2013
Mondelez Tunisia union confirms leadership commitment to struggle for rights

The branch union of the FGAT-UGTT at the Mondelez SOTUBI joint-venture biscuit factory in Tunis, reaffirmed their commitment to struggle for the rights of all Mondelez/SOTUBI workers at an extraordinary congress on October 27 convened at the request of the workers.
Read more >>>

October 23, 2013
Mondelez turns a blind eye to human rights while 'smart shelf' technology watches consumers

Mondelez can't seem to catch abusive human rights practices in its own operations but is preparing to photograph shoppers on their way to the checkout counter to deliver targeted advertising to stimulate impulse buying. "Smart shelf" technology will stream massive quantities of data back to Mondelez headquarters but the company is not equipped to gather and evaluate relevant information based on international human rights standards.
Read more >>>

October 07, 2013
Mondelez Pakistan workers threatened, harassed and punished for demanding... the right to work for Mondelez!

Mondelez, the "global snacks powerhouse" carved out of the former Kraft Foods one year ago, is celebrating its first anniversary "with month-long festivities and volunteer activities for its 110,000 employees around the world" who are "taking time to give back to their communities". In Pakistan, however, management continues to threaten, penalize and harass the workers who make the company's products for demanding… the right to work for Mondelez.
Read more >>>

September 25, 2013
Justice delayed - Mondelez Egypt lawyers appeal and delay sacked union leaders' legal hearings, cut off medical benefits

In response to allegations of human rights abuses and union-busting in Egypt, Mondelez has publicly stated that the cases of the five dismissed Cadbury Alexandria union leaders are in the courts and they are "awaiting the Tribunal's decision". At the Tribunal, however, where the company is seeking legal sanction for their dismissals, the court has decided in favour of one of the dismissed union leaders. So company lawyers have appealed the decision, and are working hard to delay procedures in the other four cases. In the meantime, the company has vindictively cut off medical benefits for the dismissed workers - although legally they are still employed by Cadbury.
Read more >>>

September 18, 2013
Press Conference in Cairo features Cadbury 5 Campaign, calls on Government to "Do your duty"

Cadbury five press-conf1.jpg
A press conference highlighting the struggles of Egyptian workers punished for exercising their rights took place at the Press Club in Cairo on 14 September 2013. Labour leaders and human rights activists spoke before some 300 participants, including journalists from major newspapers and national and international television, calling on the government to ensure reinstatement of all unfairly dismissed workers, to repeal the unfair labour laws and to develop new laws which promote workers' rights.

Read more >>>

September 10, 2013
To seduce investors, war on workers and 'wrecking ball' for older sites

Two recent announcements by Mondelez are the latest episodes in the company's ongoing efforts to seduce investors with increased share buybacks and bigger dividends and squeeze workers by generating uncertainty and fear through closures, cutbacks and increased competition.


Read the full story in the latest Mondelez Union Network - download and distribute here!

August 27, 2013
Mondelez squeezes suppliers by extending payment to 120 days - who's next?

As of July, major suppliers to Mondelez must wait a staggering 120 days for payment. An August 15 article in Fortune calls the move "a stunning example of one-upmanship." Payment terms to suppliers and vendors normally range no higher than 60 days, with some corporate heavyweights seeking to push payment up to 75. Mondelez can now claim to be the market leader in delaying payment, as well as being the most heavily indebted of the major food TNCs.

Read more >>>

August 13, 2013
Mondelez gum sales in sticky mess as corporate management continues to trample over human rights in Egypt

In February, Mondelez published disappointing 2012 results, attributing much of the blame to the ailing gum category.

As part of its plan to nurse chewing gums back to health, Mondelez announced a marketing and merchandizing strategy - and has closed two manufacturing facilities, one in Morocco, the other in Lebanon, to enhance the therapeutic value.

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July 22, 2013
AMWU members in Australia demand that Mondelez respects human rights

AMWU members employed by Mondelez at the company facilities at Ringwood and Scoresby in Victoria, Australia, were shocked to hear a report from their union about company actions in Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan.


Read more >>>

July 02, 2013
Instant plant closure at Mondelez Lebanon - lies, betrayal and intimidation

On May 17 over 100 workers employed by Mondelez in Beirut were told their plant was closed and they were all out of a job. Production is to move to Egypt where costs are cheaper and where the company smashed the union last year by firing 5 union leaders in Alexandria. For months the workers had been asking about low levels of inventory and activity - they were told everything was fine.

Then, on May 17, with armed gunmen in attendance, the closure was announced, effective July 19.

Read more >>>

June 21, 2013
Mondelez Pakistan worker dead following 24-hour shift, denial of medical benefits

A worker at the Mondelez factory in Hub, Baluchistan has died of injuries suffered while he was preparing to return home after having worked consecutive 12-hour shifts. Muhammad Zohaib, 19 years old, suffered fatal injuries while preparing to go home on June 5. Near collapse from exhaustion, he was crushed outside the factory gate when the van used to transport workers to and from the factory suddenly reversed.

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June 20, 2013
Belgian unions demand justice for Mondelez workers

Belgian works council representatives from all Mondelez sites screamed out at their national meeting on June 20, showing their solidarity with Mondelez workers in Egypt and Tunisia and their condemnation of the company's failure to enter into direct discussions with the IUF to resolve allegations of human rights abuses. The meeting took place in Halle, at the Cote D'Or site.

June 18, 2013
NUW members in Melbourne, Australia call on Mondelez to respect rights in North Africa

On June 17, NUW Victorian State Secretary Tim Kennedy met with union members at Kraft/Mondelez in Melbourne, who passed a resolution of support for victimized Mondelez unionists in Egypt and Tunisia. "All workers have the right to form unions and negotiate on the basis of solidarity and cooperation!"

NUW members across Australia expect to see Mondelēz respect trade union rights for all workers and their elected leaders. The workers at Port Melbourne will be watching the Mondelez response closely, and wish to be kept updated with developments in the campaign for justice for dismissed union leaders and recognition of their union.

June 05, 2013
Brutality of company in North Africa contrasts with beauty of Munch paintings in the cafeteria of Mondelez, Oslo

The calm atmosphere of the park surrounding the factory and the beauty of the Eduard Munch paintings in the cafeteria are in stark contrast to the actions of Mondelez in plunging union leaders and their families into hardship in Egypt.
Members of the Norwegian IUF affiliate NNN were shocked to hear directly from two of the Egyptian Mondelez union leaders of the brutality of the company in dismissing workers after they had helped establish an independent union at the Cadbury factory in Alexandria, Egypt.
Senior NNN shop steward Bente Lovaas is disappointed that there has been no substantive corporate response to the letters and protests from unions all around the world. She called for protests to continue until Mondelez negotiates with the IUF to achieve justice for the dismissed workers.

June 04, 2013
Solidarity and support for dismissed Cadbury union leaders at Swedish Foodworkers' Congress

Banderoll (3).jpg
The Swedish Foodworkers Union (LIVS) at its national congress pledged solidarity with the Cadbury Union in Alexandria Egypt. Two dismissed leaders of that union, Ahmed Hussein and Nasr Ahmed, attended the Congress on June 1st and 2nd. LIVS Congress delegates heard how these two union leaders along with three others were sacked after they helped to establish an independent trade union in the chewing gum factory.
In this photograph taken outside the Congress, delegates working at Mondelez in Sweden show their solidarity with the fired leaders. From left: Kenneth Ekberg, Hussein Ahmed, Berit Starkenberg, Nasr Ahmed, Nizar Bel Hay Hassan, and Birgitta Lindquist.

June 03, 2013
Sacked Mondelez Egypt union leaders in Geneva meet with IUF, Swiss unions and international journalists

Two of the founding members of the independent union launched last year and then brutally repressed at the Mondelez Cadbury plant in Alexandria, Egypt year travelled to Geneva for a special session of the IUF Executive Committee on May 30, where they described their experience in terms of the ongoing struggle for democratic and worker rights initiated by the overthrow of Mubarak.

Read more >>>

May 30, 2013
In France FGA-CFDT activists pledge to strengthen the global network of solidarity in defense of workers’ rights in Mondelez

On 29 May sacked union leaders from the Mondelez factory in Alexandria, Egypt visited activists from FGA-CFDT Mondelez sites in France.
FGA-CFDT unionists showed their support for, and solidarity with, victims of union discrimination in Egypt.
Participants at the meeting committed to do everything in their power to:
- Build a network of solidarity activists at Cadbury / Mondelez in both Egypt and France to strengthen workers’ rights.
- Strengthen the global network of solidarity within the IUF to eliminate the anti-union practices of the Company.
- Provide all practical support in the defense of workers’ rights within Mondelez.

May 18, 2013
Korea Dongsuh workers show solidarity with Mondelez Egypt and Tunisian workers

Dongsuh Foods Union Chapter 1 (2).jpg
'Mondelez must respect union rights and reinstate dismissed workers!' - shouted delegates of the ordinary congress of KCTWU Dongsuh Food Union at Jincheon, Korea on May 16, 2013. They expressed full support for workers in Egypt and Tunisia.
Dongsuh Foods is a joint venture, co-owned by Kraft Foods Holdings Singapore.

May 15, 2013
Mondelez Pakistan, where 'outsiders' create 'delicious moments of joy'

Mondelez Pakistan has informed the government that the vast majority of those who make its products are "outsiders" beyond the scope of legal industrial relations protection, and that those who challenge this abuse should be stripped of their rights.

Read more >>>

May 13, 2013
Cadbury/Mondelez Egypt union leaders speak out - watch the live interviews!

Two of the five sacked union leaders from the Mondelez factory in Alexandria who were hosted by Unite to twin their union with UK Cadbury unions May 2-3 can now be heard in live interviews made during their visit. They speak out on working conditions in Alexandria and their degradation under Mondelez, management abuses, their struggle for an independent union and the importance of international solidarity in winning rights for all Mondelez workers.

See the interview with Nasr Awad and Hussein Ahmed Hussein:

May 10, 2013
UK and Egyptian unions 'twin' to stand up to human rights abuses at Mondelez

Members of UNITE at UK Cadbury are joining forces with fellow workers in Egypt by 'twinning' their unions to challenge human rights violations by Cadbury's parent company Mondelez International.

Read more >>>

May 08, 2013
New Zealand Workers Express Support to Mondelez Unions in Tunisia and Egypt

Photo of Teresa Gooch-small.jpgMembers of the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) in Dunedin, New Zealand were dismayed to hear that the company they worked for which associated its products with spreading joy was responsible for inflicting misery on workers who organized independent unions in Egypt and Tunisia. Accordingly they organized a petition signed by 89 workers which called on their employer Mondelez (formerly Cadbury) to engage with the IUF, reinstate the dismissed workers, rectify human rights abuses and report back progress. On the photo: SFWU delegate Teresa Gooch proudly holds up the petitions signed by her workmates.

May 02, 2013
May Day solidarity with Mondelez workers

On May Day 2013, IUF affiliates in Lagos, Nigeria marched with banners in support of the Screamdelez campaign while in Pakistan, members of the IUF-affiliated national food workers federation marched in Multan and in Rahim Yar Khan in solidarity with the union at Kraft Foods Pakistan (formerly Cadbury, now Mondelez-owned), which has come under strong management attack) and with the unions at Mondelez in Egypt and Tunisia.
Read more >>>

April 16, 2013
Mondelez solidarity action in India

On 14 April the Punjab Food Workers’ Alliance held a protest action against human rights violations by Mondelez. The Alliance is comprised of 19 unions representing workers in state dairy cooperatives as well as the operations of major transnational food companies in Punjab including PepsiCo, Unilever, GSK Horlicks and Nestlé.

April 12, 2013
Support for Mondelez workers at Norwegian Food Workers Congress

NNN's Congress (Oslo, 7-11 April 2013) unanimously adopted a statement in support of the IUF campaign on Mondelez.


Swedish Food Workers' Union president Hans-Olof Nilsson and Norwegian Food Workers' Union president Jan-Egil Pedersen displaying the Screamdelez posters.

April 04, 2013
Revenue down, rights abuses up - Mondelez CEO 2012 compensation leaps 40% to USD 28 million

New documents filed with the US regulatory authorities show a substantial increase in Mondelez CEO Irene Rosenfeld's total compensation for 2012 - a year marked by significant human rights violations "executional missteps" (the company's phrase) and falling revenue for the snacks maker.

Read more >>>

April 03, 2013
Rights violations and lockout threat at Mondelez Pakistan

Management at Kraft Foods Pakistan (formerly Cadbury, now Mondelez-owned) has moved to lock out union workers in retaliation for the union's defense of the rights of the factory's hundreds of contract workers.

Read more >>>

March 29, 2013
Easter with Screamdelez: the 2013 Screamegg Hunt!

Finding the Mondelez Screameggs this Easter is easier than ever - the abuses are difficult to conceal, the eggs are out in the open and there's a big basket filled with jumbo Screameggs!

Read more >>>

March 28, 2013
Press conference in Tunis highlights rights violations at SOTUBI/Mondelez

During the World Social Forum in Tunis, the FGAT-UGTT organized a press conference on 27 March with the participation of Zied Nalufi, the union leader unfairly dismissed by SOTUBI management, members of the new union board at SOTUBI/Mondelez and the IUF. Our Belgian affiliate, FGTB-HORVAL, was also on hand to show solidarity to the FGAT food and tourism workers federation and the UGTT trade union center and to support the IUF campaign.

Read more >>>

March 25, 2013
UMT pledges support for Screamdelez campaign

At a meeting between the IUF and delegates from the food industry section of UMT, the Moroccan Union of Labour, on 23 March 2013, General Secretary Miloudi Moukharek pledged the support of the entire union for the IUF campaign in defense of workers’ rights at Mondelez, and solidarity with the unfairly dismissed union leaders at Mondelez in Tunisia and Egypt.

Read more >>>

Dutch union support for Screamdelez campaign

On the first day of its Congress in the Hague (Netherlands, March 21-22) the FNV Bondgenoten showed its support for the global IUF campaign for justice for Mondelez workers in Egypt and Tunisia. FNV Bondgenoten will be publicizing the campaign and promoting awareness among its members, the wider labour movement and the public.

March 19, 2013
IUF tells US government Mondelez violates international standards, files formal complaint

The US-based transnational snack foods company Mondelez has consistently refused to respond to communications from the IUF documenting evidence of company abuses. When Mondelez was asked to respond (indirectly) to the IUF by the Resource Center on Business and Human Rights, the company evaded the key issues and made no meaningful reference to international standards.

Read more >>>

February 26, 2013
Lose your finger in a machine and you’re fired: the brutal reality of working at Mondelēz Egypt

Ahmad Abdulghani Awad Abdulghani, 26 years old, worked at Cadbury Egypt, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mondelēz, from 2008 to December 2011. He never had a permanent job, but was part of the army of precarious workers making chewing gum at the Alexandria factory. He lost half his thumb while operating a machine which should normally be run by three persons. Then he lost his job. This is his story.

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February 20, 2013
Workers in Egypt and Tunisia under attack at Mondelēz

Mondelēz was created last October when snack products were separated from the former Kraft Foods. It’s a company with a dream: “Create delicious moments of joy for our consumers, employees and communities around the world.” But the company has created no joy for employees in Egypt and Tunisia.

Read more >>>

Cadbury workers take stand against Kraft/Mondelez human rights abuses // 2:23 (or watch it on YouTube)

Interview Hussein Ahmed Hussein - sacked by Kraf/Mondelez // 9:36
(or watch it on YouTube)

Interview Nasr Awad - sacked by Kraft/Mondelez // 7:36
(or watch it on YouTube)
The International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF)